Case Study: 60,000 New Users per Month

Key Notes:

  • Internal pages clean-up, restructure and fixes

  • Timeframe: 5 months

  • Website contained 30,000 pages

  • 10% increase in organic traffic

The website had more than 30,000 different pages and while they were created, little attention was paid to optimising for Google search engine.

In addition, they had a lot of automated pages created, that basically created empty pages that Google considers “thin content” and this was also dragging the website down.

Due to a large number of pages, there was also an issue with Google not indexing all pages properly, which meant that the some pages were not even ranking for any keyword in Google.

Using software called Screaming Frog I was able to extract all the data into a large Excel file.

Then began the analysis of each page by including data from Google Analytics, Search Console and Ahrefs in order to filter different pages and see what action needs to be taken.

After the whole clean-up of these pages, improvements made, some pages deleted, other update etc. Google instantly noticed the difference and from this little exercise the website gained an additional users 60,000/month in just few months time.

If you want to discuss how this strategy can be applied to your website - just email me and let’s have a chat.

Organic Traffic Growth