Case Study: 67% Increase in Organic Traffic

Key Notes:

  • SEO audit with various problems found

  • Timeframe: 1 month

  • After recommendations were implemented, the traffic spiked right away.

An overall site audit was performed in order to find all problems, provide specific solutions for them and prepare a growth strategy.

Major issues found:

  • Very slow website loading speed

  • Lot of broken pages

  • High bounce rate

One of the more interesting factors was an unusually high bounce rate for the top 10 pages that gathered more than 70% of overall organic traffic.

High bounce rate is not a bad thing in itself as there are pages that need to have high bounce rate due to their nature, but in this case, there was clearly something missing.

Average time on page for these 10 pages was 5 minutes, which clearly meant that users were interested in the content, but did not go any further.

After investigating further, there was a clear problem with the structure of the page, lack of internal links and no call to action.

Once all issues were fixed, there was a sudden spike in organic traffic next month.

If you want to discuss how this strategy can be applied to your website - just email me and let’s have a chat.

Organic Traffic Growth